LGBTQ+ Brand and Website Design Refresh

A design update and new responsive website were created for 2021.

LGBT logo was revised to include trans flag colours for the 2021 refresh.
NHS health Doctors and Nurses character branding.

Rebranding to align with Local Health Service and NHS strategy

Over the Rainbow is a community health initiative staffed by Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust and supported by the LGBTQIA+ community in Dorset. Bright, fun illustrations were created to highlight key USPs: the friendly staff,  beautiful south coast location, health services available, as well as appealing to the expanding groups of service users.

LGBTQ responsive website design.
Responsive web page view one mobile.

Responsive Web Design

Desktop and mobile images were created.

Health articles and latest treatment updates.

Health Articles

Latest treatment updates.

LGBTQ local business content features.

Local Guide

LGBTQ local business content features.

Communicating heath safety measures.

Promoting Discussion

Communicating heath safety measures.

About this project

Rebranding to align with OTR service and NHS strategy.

Since the creation of the previous website in 2010 a lot of changes had taken place.

Previously one location in Bournemouth, clinics now take place in 3 locations in Bournemouth and Weymouth in Dorset.

Over the Rainbow had moved from their much publicised drop-in location of St Micheals Road and so all images were replaced with new illustrations of scenes in Bournemouth, with an LGBTQ twist of course!

Designed to meet the needs of the NHS team and LGBTQIA+ visitors, a redesign was implemented to update communication, improve rankings and user experience.

Gay and lesbian content was expanded to reflect a wider audience and adopt LGBTQ+ and MSM identification with imagery and text. The logo design was updated to be more inclusive, adding the recently established transgender flag colours. On marketing materials the logo would now feature a NHS blue background.

Built in WordPress to latest web standards, admin is easier to manage for future updates and social media sharing. It’s also now compatible with tools for data capture to help improve user experience going forward.

Timing was important too. The new site launched before for the Bournemouth Pride event in August 2021, just as the UK returns to a new normal after the Covid pandemic. 

Creative and production: Martin Clark.